Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bhakkar District

Location of Bhakkar District
(highlighted in red) within Punjab.
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
Capital Bhakkar

Bhakkar (Urdu: ضلع بھکر) is a District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The district was created in 1981 with Bhakkar city (known as Bakhar in Seraiki) as the capital. It is located between 31° 10' and 32° 22' N. and 70° 47' and 72° E. with an area of 3,134 square miles (8,120 km2), most of it lies in the desolate plain of the Thal, but the Kachhi or strip of riverine land along the Indus is of great fertility.[2] Its area consists of riverine tract along the Indus called Kacha and the Thal historically called Chol-e-Jalali. Most of its area comprises greater Thal.

Mankera in centre of The Great Thal is a place of great antiquity. The old fort here; a historical heritage, is a great land mark of Thal needs preservation. Another old place in the district is Kallurkot. Bakhar is part of Seraiki Wasaib in western Punjab.

District Bhakkar Overview

District Overview Bhakkar

Area (Square Kilometes) : 81530

Population: 1410568

Police Strength: 1057

Police Population Ratio: 1:1334

Police Stations: 9

Highway Patrolling Posts: 10